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Crew Management & Supply

STCW ‘95 Compliance

At ARCTIC OFFSHORE, our seafarers meet the very highest technical and operational standards. All personnel fully comply with STCW ‘95 requirements and always have the necessary experience relevant to the type of tonnage to which they are appointed. Our recruitment process is dedicated to providing crews with maximum expertise and self-sustainable capability. If you are interested in working for us, why not visit our careers page.

Personalised Approach

We pride ourselves on a hands-on, personalised approach towards Officers, Ratings and their families. This, in return, generates loyalty and commitment, a major advantage in the current environment of manning shortages. Resourcing from an exclusive pool of Officers and Ratings, our overall objective is to provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective client’s fleet.

Crewing Services

We offer a range of tailored services encompassing the full spectrum of your crewing needs. Securing the right crew is one thing, but securing the right competent crew is another. At ARCTIC OFFSHORE, we pride ourselves on the quality of the crew we provide. Drawing on the work of our offices throughout Europe and Asia, ARCTIC OFFSHORE is able to secure the right people for your ships across all nationalities. We understand the competence, qualifications and experience of officers and crew are essential to the management of a vessel.

Our crewing services include:

Deployment, recruitment, vetting, forward planning, payroll, crew supply, union relationships & negotiation, budgeting and variance analyses, documentation for seafarers, P&I claims, on-board appraisals, management of flag states and crew travel and training centres in the Ukraine and India Approved crew for Oil, Chemical and Gas Tankers, Bulkers, Container/Ro-Ro, Offshore and other specialised tonnage Recruitment from a global network of manning offices Our personalised offshore employment solutions are customised to individual customer needs, structured to ensure compliance with appropriate national tax regimes. Individual seafarers are always provided with a contract and written Terms and Conditions of Employment with the respective employing company. As part of the full coverage of our services, we also offer a comprehensive payroll administration service for both onshore and offshore staff, including: Maintenance of a computer payroll system Weekly or monthly payroll and the calculation/processing of all payroll activities, including administration of contributions in respect of employer’s pension schemes and the production and issue of payslips Submission of Payroll Reports and Statements of Wages to the employing company Communication with tax authorities and pension scheme administrators, and the completion and submission of all applicable monthly/annual forms/returns on behalf of the employing company Close liaison with deploying companies.